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"The disease that Doctors and the government refuse to talk about!


The Theory presented on this website is that uncontrollable weight gain, or at least an inability to lose weight, is not always due to overeating, lack of exercise or a slow metabolism. Although these can surely be a factor for some people, we believe that it is either a disease, a virus or a gene, located within peoples bodies that causes them to gain weight and give them that endomorph, pear-like shape, in spite of dieting. For hundreds of millions of people throughout the world, they either gain or retain weight, not because of what they eat, but because of how their bodies deal with the microscopic organisms that are in the air they breathe.

Just like the whales in the oceans who get much of their sustinence from microscopic organisms like Plankton, the theory suggests that hundreds of millions of people throughout the world gain weight because they too (just like the whales) are getting extra sustinence from microscopic organisms that they breathe in, hence the name: PLANKTONITIS. As shown in the diagram above, when people inhale through their bronchial tubes, or bronchi (the air passages that extend from the windpipe into the lungs), tiny hairs (cilia) within the bronchial-lining tissue normally trap and eliminate pollutants, including microscopic organisms, during the exhale.

When people suffer from PLANKTONITIS, many of these microscopic organisms are not fully exhaled, but rather, are absorbed into the body and ultimately converted by the body and stored as fat. So even if a person is on a diet, if they have PLANKTONITIS, their body is still building up the fat reserves, just by breating in and out. In fact, the more they exercise, the greater the number of microscopic organisms that will be absorbed into the body. That is why many people can't lose weight, even if they are on a very strict diet and walking a couple of miles a day.

The purpose of this website will be to examine all aspects of this theory (including the connection to whales) and to publish the results.

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